What to Know About A Construction Accident Claim in New York

NEw York construction accident attorney

Accidents by construction workers at construction sites can not only lead to significant injury, they can also lead to huge recoveries for both the worker and the attorney. In fact, not all accidents are created equal. If your workers’ compensation accident has a negligence component, meaning you have sued someone, your recovery will stand to be much greater than if you just had the workers’ compensation claim alone.

Construction accidents can be valuable to you and your New York construction accident attorney because these jobs are inherently dangerous and can result in serious injury. Also, many construction workers have good salaries and therefore the wage replacement can be high. Furthermore, special construction accidents laws can result in lawsuits that would not have been possible without these considerations.

Many people do not know how important and costly a construction accident can be. In fact, some of our biggest recoveries have been a result of construction accidents. The majority of the cases in which we have settled for more than $750,000 over the years have been because of a construction accident.

Now, many firms say they will handle the workers’ compensation claim for someone hurt on the job at a construction site. But, the firm will then send you to a compensation lawyer and you end up having two lawyers, the lawsuit lawyer and the compensation lawyer. Then, they often don’t work together and one doesn’t know or care what the other is doing. This lack of coordination when it occurs can be damaging to your interests.

That is why many construction workers have come to us first to find out how to proceed with the workers’ compensation issues. We can review your medical concerns and figure out you can best receive needed worker’s compensation benefits, but, we won’t overlook answering any of your questions about whether you qualify for a law suit as well. So, it is not a bad idea to call the lawyer and ask that lawyer whether the office can help with the workers’ compensation case.. And, if the answer is no, consider calling me right away. I will take your call and get you started with your construction accident matter.

Furthermore, what is important in these matters may not be obvious. For example, electricians in Local 3 have their own workers’ compensation plan. And, a construction accident on a single- family home can have different outcomes than one on a large new building even if the injury to you is the same. In fact, we have also handled matters for people who are undocumented or hurt on the first day on the job too. Each case is different, but, because of the complexity of these matters, it may be critical to call a lawyer right away.

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Finally, it is important to call not only because you might be out of work and need funds, but also, you might be able to return to work and still be entitled to a settlement for your injuries. Recently we settled the case of a construction worker who injured his arm, returned to work quickly and got $150,000 in a workers’ compensation settlement while he is still going to go ahead with his lawsuit to get even more money. So, you never know what a case might be worth, other than to say that construction accidents often result in large settlements. Call the Law Office of Robert A. Koenigsberg for an experienced and trusted New York construction accident attorney at (212) 964-9292 or fill out an online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.