Asking You to Quit after your NY Workers’ Comp Claim

Every so often, claimants in workers’ compensation find that after they have returned to work at the same company, they are offered a settlement. With certain settlements called section 32 agreements, the company will offer the settlement and then demand that the worker resign.

This places the worker in a quandary. For one thing, the worker may not want to quit his job. For another, the Workers’ Compensation Board would probably not permit the settlement to be approved under these circumstances in which it might seem to be a coerced settlement.

One factor to consider in most workers’ compensation cases is that the carrier and employer are in a much more powerful position that you and the Workers’ Compensation Board often has little interest in protecting the rights of injured workers. Therefore, making difficult decisions about settlements often requires a great deal of thought. In the end, injured workers are often required to give up rights such as medical care or continued employment in exchange for a settlement because the injured worker is desperate for money.

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So, the easy answer to the question of whether your company can ask you to quit is that they cannot. And, most of the time this doesn’t become an issue. But, it can happen and if you need to discuss this or any other workers’ compensation matter. If you are looking for some answers regarding your case, contact trusted Brooklyn workers compensation lawyer, Robert A. Koenigsberg at (212) 964-9292 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation.