How Long is the Decision Process for an Appeal?


What happens when you win your case and the Workers’ Compensation Judge awards you money? How long does it take to finally get it? Well, if the carrier takes an appeal, figure you won’t see your money for at least a year. That is because the carrier knows it can tie up your money at little cost to them and the Workers’ Compensation Board seems to have little interest changing this system.

Of course, if you receive a decision you don’t like, you can appeal it as well. The process for appeals requires meeting deadlines and understanding the legal principles involved. If you are reading this, you probably have a lawyer. But, if you are just starting out with your claim, it is important to understand that some case can become complicated and many times it is important to retain an attorney well before the possibility of becoming stuck with and appeal.

Furthermore, it may be important to discuss what options you have while your case is on appeal. For example, negotiations can continue while the appeal is pending. What happens if you receive a job offer while your case is on appeal? It may be impossible to take the job offer due to your disability, or you may be feeling better and it would make sense to take the job. These are the subtle issues that arise may make it important to have someone in your corner, such as your lawyer.

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