What Size Firm to use in a Worker’s Comp Claim?

Like so many things in life, different strokes for different folks is the best answer. Should you send your child to a small college or a big college? Should you buy a big or small car, join a big or small gym, eat in a big or small diner? The answer is that it depends, but, it depends on what you are looking for.

So, when you realize you want legal help with your workers’ compensation claim, you need to ask yourself several questions, one of which is what type of law firm do you want to work with?

If you call the law firm, will you get to speak to a lawyer or only a paralegal? Will you get a different lawyer each time you call or visit? Will the same lawyer who sees you in the office handle your trial if a trial becomes necessary? Will you get a person or a selection of choices such as press 1 for the operator?

Each question should be on your mind as you decide how to proceed. Many people want a sense of anonymity in their dealings. These people want to come into the office without having someone call out their name to say hello. They want to drop off papers or ask a question and don’t want to be bothered greeting the staff. This type of person would be more comfortable using a big firm.

On the other hand, some clients want to know that if the case lasts several years, the same attorney will be handling the matter. For example, today I received an e-mail from a former client who started by asking if I remembered her. My response was that I remembered her well. She had a new and different legal issue and wanted to know that she would be able to reach me personally to receive her answer. That’s what working with a small law firm can mean.

The negative side to working with a small law firm is that because we often give personalized service, if we are busy helping one client at that moment we don’t necessarily have time to speak to several other people also. We can sometimes only handle one matter at a time and working with us may require patience on any given day.

The best analogy is if you have a favorite hairdresser or barber and you walk into the shop and you are taken care of right away. You walk away satisfied. But, the next time you walk in you may find that several customers are ahead of you. If you want the special service of that particular hair dresser, you will have to wait instead of just using anyone else but being accommodated right away.

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Of course, there are many other differences between small firms and large ones, but, feeling comfortable with the firm you engage is important and might be worthwhile considering as you shop around for someone to represent you on your claim. We are of course a small firm, so, don’t be surprised if you call during business hours and not only get a real person on the phone, but you get to speak to an attorney as well. Thank you for considering us for your workers’ compensation case, accident, or social security claim. Call Robert A. Koenigsberg, an experienced New York workers’ compensation lawyer at (212) 964-9292 of fill out an online contact form to schedule you first free consultation.