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New York City Temporary Total Disability Lawyers

Bronx Temporary Total Disability Benefits Attorneys

Do you know what a temporary total disability (TTD) is? Most people who suffer a workplace injury and seek workers' compensation benefits do not, and this is only one of the various terms used to categorize the nature of disabilities and the appropriate benefits.

You have many lawyers to choose from. One quality that you want to look for is the ability and willingness to explain the legal terminology involved in these cases, so you have a clear understanding of your case. At the Robert A. Koenigsberg Law Offices, we will educate you about the terms involved. We will let you know what they mean to you. Our lawyers will clearly cover your options and the benefits to which you are entitled if you have suffered a temporary total disability.

The Definition of Temporary Total Disability

A TTD is a complete disability, one that prevents you from doing your job or any other job. However, it is a disability that you are expected to recover from. A back or neck injury that is expected to be fully repaired by surgery may be considered a TTD.

What Benefits Are Associated With a Temporary Total Disability?

Medical benefits to help you recover and wage loss benefits to help you deal with the loss of your paycheck are the most critical benefits. With 20 years of experience on our side, we understand the challenges involved in getting you these benefits. More importantly, we understand how to overcome those challenges to get you the TTD benefits you need.

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