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Reopening a Workers' Compensation Case

We Help Injured Workers Get the Compensation They Need

Occasionally, injured workers are unaware that they have access to additional workers' compensation benefits. When this happens, it may be possible to reopen the workers' comp case. If you believe you have unclaimed benefits, our attorneys may be able to help you get them.

The Robert A. Koenigsberg Law Offices has been representing injured workers since 1996. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with reopening a workers' compensation case. To find out if your case can be reopened, talk to us. For a free consultation with a New York City workers' comp lawyer, please call 646-480-1625 or contact us online.

Claiming Additional Benefits

If your case was accepted, you have 18 years from the date of the accident to reopen it. There are a number of reasons you may be able to reopen a workers' comp case. Some settlements, such as those for schedule losses for example, can be reopened. If your condition has deteriorated since you received your settlement, you may be able to get additional benefits to compensate you for the current percentage loss. You may also reopen a case if you received compensation for lost wages and medical bills, but did not make a permanent settlement. One of the changes to New York workers' compensation law involves cases of permanent partial disability. If you have an 80 percent permanent partial disability, you may be able to reopen your case within the allowable time frame.

Reopening a case is a complex matter that requires the help of an experienced attorney. Please call our office at 646-480-1625 to schedule an appointment today.

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