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http://www.nyworkerscomplawyer.com 212-964-9292 Robert A. Koenigsberg Law Offices can help with your workers compensation and Social Security claims. Contact the firm in New York, NY today.

A Steady Guide During Difficult Times

With recent changes to New York workers' compensation law, employers cutting costs and people struggling to make a living in this economy, injured and disabled persons need legal assistance more than ever. Whether you are seeking workers' comp benefits, Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income (SSD/SSI) benefits or both, an experienced lawyer may make the difference between receiving the benefits you need and being denied.

At the Robert A. Koenigsberg Law Offices, we represent people injured on the job and people disabled by injury or illness. We provide compassionate, responsive service for your legal needs, whether you are an injured construction worker, truck driver or a person disabled by diabetes. We can also help you with third-party injury claims related to workplace injuries. For a free consultation with a New York City workers' compensation attorney or SSDI lawyer, please call 646-480-1625 or contact our law firm online.

We Stand Up for Your Right to Benefits and Compensation

Workers' Compensation: In 2007, legislation made sweeping changes to New York's workers' compensation system. Lifetime benefits are no longer available for most injuries. Individuals with non-extremity injuries are now subject to new benefit caps based on evolving medical guidelines. The full effect of this legislation is still unknown, since the statute is still evolving. We can help you understand how the new laws may affect your claim, and we will seek out all possible sources of compensation for your losses. We are mindful of how other lawsuits, such as claims to recapture compensation for Medicare or Medicaid benefits provided or claims against third-party negligent individuals or businesses should be handled in light of your workers' compensation case. Our attorneys work hard to ensure your interests are preserved when pursuing full work injury benefits.

SSD and SSI: Navigating the process of obtaining SSD or SSI benefits is challenging and often results in legitimate claims being denied. If you are applying for SSD or SSI benefits, we can steer you through the application process and help you with SSD or SSI benefit denials, hearings and appeals. We understand how to provide the right medical evidence to prove that your condition prevents you from working in a substantial gainful activity. Our Brooklyn Social Security Disability attorneys work carefully and thoroughly to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

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Please call our office at 646-480-1625 to schedule an appointment with an experienced and dedicated Social Security Disability lawyer or workers' compensation attorney today.

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Workers' compensation and SSD/SSI cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. If we accept your case, there is no fee unless we recover benefits for you.

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